Lanais are a Hawaiin staple that have appeared nationwide since the mid-19th century. Some even call them the “key to an endless summer.”

A lanai is very much like a porch, with a few exceptions. Like a porch, lanais have roofs, but also have one or more open sides, exposing you to the elements.

For some, this can be great. But for others, that means dealing with humidity, rainstorms, bugs, and the chance of your dog escaping. That’s why we recommend lanai enclosures.

With these, you get to enjoy your lanai year-round, as you should. Maybe you want to sit outside with a good book and listen to the rain pitter-patter on your roof. Or maybe your dog wants to sunbathe.

With lanai enclosures, all this is possible, regardless of the weather situation.

Let’s talk about some more impressive benefits of this add-on!

1. Adds Value to Your Home

If you’d ever like to sell your home in the future, lanais can offer your home an increase in value.

Upgrades like porches and lanais are desirable commodities. They increase the square footage of your home without the hassle of new construction. They’re great for hosting parties, cooking on the grill, having an extensive plant collection, and more.

Outdoor spaces like this can create an over 100 percent return on investment! 

2. Gives the Allure of Privacy

Perhaps you want to lounge outside in your bathing suit and catch some sun rays, but you don’t feel comfortable doing so in front of the neighbors.

An enclosed lanai gives you the same privacy you’d get indoors. You can enjoy yourself without fear of others listening or looking in.

3. Lanai Enclosures Protect Your Belongings

Having your lanai screened in or walled off allows you and your belongings to be safer and more secure. 

It’s likely you wouldn’t leave certain items exposed on an open lanai — your bike, nice furniture, a grill, and the like.

But if your lanai is enclosed, you can feel free to leave things like this outside if you’d prefer, with little to no risk of it being an easy target for burglars.

This has the added advantage of being extra storage space, too!

4. Your Children and Pets Are Safe

Say your pup or cat wants to hang out with you outside, but your home isn’t fenced in. 

Having an enclosed lanai allows them to enjoy an endless summer right there with you. You won’t have to fear them running off or chasing a squirrel across the way.

Likewise, you can keep your young toddlers around without fear of them wandering off. For example, if you’ve got a pool that isn’t yet screened-in, having an enclosed lanai can protect your kid from exploring an unsafe space.

Enjoy Your Endless Summer

As you can see, lanai enclosures are the way to go.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, you can enjoy your lanai year-round, regardless of the weather conditions.

There’s something to be said about having an outdoor oasis in your own home!

If you’re ready to upgrade your lanai, contact us today. We’ll discuss the best options for your new and improved space.

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