When you live in certain parts of America, you need to be prepared for storms.

It seems like the southeastern states are getting pounded with more and more hurricanes as the years go by. The sheer magnitude of these storms is increasing as well, leaving incredible amounts of damage in their wake.

In some cases, these frightening storms even make their way up the coast to attack less-suspecting people. Now, a good portion of America needs to be prepared for storm season. Often, that starts with impact resistant windows.

Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of hurricane windows and why you should install them even if there’s only a remote chance of a bad storm. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What Are Impact Resistant Windows Made Of?

Frame-wise, these extra strength windows are basically the same as your typical window. They use aluminum, vinyl, steel, or wood, each coming with their own benefits and maintenance requirements.

For instance, steel frames are the strongest, but also the most expensive. You can use vinyl as a middle-ground option, with wood being the cheapest but also having the highest maintenance cost.

The most common type of hurricane-resistant glass is made with a film of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) placed in between two panes of glass. The thicker the material is, the more resistant it is to impact.

There Are Many Benefits

The storms that come off the Gulf of Mexico can be ferocious, so the benefits of impact resistant windows in our region are fairly obvious. They do offer many practical benefits, in addition to keeping you and your home safe.

Only Install Once

If you just use storm shudders, you’ve got to go out every time a bad storm comes to put them up. With our impact resistant windows, you only have to have them installed once and they’ll protect you from whatever comes.

When you live in Florida, you’ve got to at least have storm shudders, but putting them up and taking them down for a close call or false alarm feels like a waste of time. Buy impact resistant windows and you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Insurance Premiums

Taking measures to protect your house will lower your insurance premiums. We all know how fickle insurance rates can be and using shudders doesn’t do anything to dissuade them from raising premiums in storm-affected areas. Storm windows are a permanent solution in the eyes of the insurance companies.

UV Protection

A little known fact about storm-resistant windows is that they provide protection against UV light. UV rays can damage and discolor the fabric on your carpet and furniture when they’re exposed to too much of it.

If you live in Florida, aka “The Sunshine State”, then you’re probably getting your fair share of UV coming in through your windows at the moment. You may not notice it in the short term, but this extra sunlight will damage your property over time.

Energy Efficiency

Impact resistant windows are more secure and provide more insulation than a normal window. This results in improved energy efficiency because, in the summer, the air conditioning won’t escape out of the tiny cracks in the insulation.

Similarly, when it’s wintertime, your heat won’t escape either. This all means that your heating and cooling bills will go down because the energy is being used more efficiently.

Get Your Impact Resistant Windows Today

Why wait until the damage is already done to install your impact resistant windows? Have them installed today by Clear View Glass and experience all of the amazing benefits of impact-resistant glass today.

Visit our site to learn more about impact resistant windows, as well as door and window replacement. While you’re there, check out more from our blog on everything having to do with window and door maintenance.

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